Plastic mold manufacturing process

2018-11-26 13:45:00        0

What is the plastic mold manufacturing process? With the rapid development of plastic products in the automotive, electrical appliance and building materials industries, but the domestic plastic mold production still can not meet the development needs of the industry, high-end, refined plastic mold has become the top priority of development. In the plastic mold enterprise, the most important part is the process of plastic mold making. The following Ke Shimei plastic mold will introduce in detail:

1. Part of the drawings and instructions for plastic grades, transparency, etc. after the official system.

2. Plastic parts specifications or technical requirements.

3. Production output.

4. Plastic parts of the sample.

The plastic mold parts of the book craft part of the plastic mold manufacturing task are usually designed based on the proposed mission statement, the mold designer's mission statement for molding plastic parts, and the mold design task book. Then, collect, analyze, and digest the raw data collection part design, molding process, molding equipment, processing and special processing information in order to prepare the plastic mold production.

Do you know the plastic mold manufacturing process now? A mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It consists of several sets of parts with a molded cavity. If you have mold processing needs, please contact Cosme plastic mold.

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